Monday, October 18, 2010

Provo River Raft Fun

Well, we have been quite the busy bees for the last couple of months and I'm trying to catch up with all the blog posts of all the activities we have done. In September when the kids were off track we chose to do a raft trip down the Provo River with the three older girls. Man, was it tough work. I think we needed more adult man-power, but it was a fun adventure. The girls got a huge eye-opener though and at first they weren't sure they liked our adventure, but when it was all done they said they had a blast.
Everyone paddling so we stayed on course, again, more adult man-power is recommended.
Laney loving the ride.
The gorgeous fall colors of the mountainside.
The girls all proud of themselves that we made it down the river. It was an enjoyable 3 hours of high sea fun, well at least high river fun!

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