Saturday, February 27, 2010

Laney Banes!

So, I just need to post this before I forget this funny moment with HI-larious Laney!
She was telling funny little jokes to Logan and then did this...
High five
To the side
Up in space
In your face!
She planted her hand straight into Logan's face and they both started giggling and giggling. Aww, I just love these kids. I can just smile and laugh all day with their antics and I'm very glad and feel very fortunate to be able to do that. I love being a stay at home mom! Best job in the world and most days the hardest, but I just LOVE it!
Watch out though, next time you see Laney you just might get a hand planted in your face. The kids have been doing it for the last couple of days and rolling on the ground in laughter. My little jokesters!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Loving my husband!

I just wanted to thank my hubby for helping me out so much this weekend. I have the WORSE sore throat in my life and I just can't seem to shake it. I can't swallow without tears and it makes me not want to do anything. It hurts to drink, swallow, eat, and even talk-which makes it hard to do anything with the kiddies.

He has been a great daddy this weekend, not only taking care of the whole bunch and me, BUT he has also played with each and every kid. They have all had their daddy one on one time. Isn't he the GREATEST! Thanks hubby! I love you always!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy V-day Everyone!
I hope you all had fun. I know my bunch of loves had a blast. I decorated our table in pink and red for our V-day celebrations. I even put up some balloons. Everyone's chair had a cute little bow on it and the kids were so surprised when they woke up and came downstairs.
I made them heart pancakes, strawberries cut in half to look like hearts, little smokies, and of course we had pink milk to drink!
They all just loved their breakfast. I then continued the "I heart U" theme for lunch. I didn't get any pictures, but we had heart shaped p&b sandwiches, clementines, pink yogurt, pretzels, and they got to eat the chocolates they got from my dad that morning. He always buys them their own little heart shaped box of chocolates. You gotta love Grandpa R. he just always knows what they love!

Eric and I spent some time alone at night to celebrate just us! I made some more chinese food, both because he loves it and it's Chinese New Year! This is szechuan beef and homemade egg rolls with homemade sweet and sour sauce. This was my first try at the beef and the egg rolls and he says going to a Chinese restaurant is off the list, because I make it better. He says we'll only get chinese food from a restaurant to give me a break from cooking it, but I prefer to just make it myself. It does taste better and it is way cheaper!

So there you have it! Fourteen days of treats and new recipes all completed. I had a blast making everything and my bunch had a blast at eating them all. I'm sure I will continue new recipes this month, because I am obsessed with trying new things right now. It's just too much fun! You all should try some new things and remember to show and share your love each and everyday with those you care for!

Day 13

On the thirteenth day of Valentine's I made for my true loves...
Moroccan Spiced Brownies!
I forgot to take a picture but they were chocolate brownies that were almost flourless and then drowned in ganache. Very tasty, and if you like spiced flavored things these are a must. You can find the recipe on Studio 5 on the ksl website. I made my own spice blend because I didn't want to spend $10 buying the Ras El Hanout. I googled it and found a recipe to make the spice. It turned out that I had all the spices to mix together to make this house blend. This recipe is to die for and the kids even liked them a lot!

Day 12

On the twelth day of Valentine's I made for my true loves...
Good old Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Eric actually asked me to make him some. He just loves plain old chocolate chip cookies. When we first married I would make them all the time and he loved them so much right out of the oven, that by the time I was done we would only be left with about half of the cookies I made. Oh, you just gotta love the good old days. He can't do that anymore, but he'll still eat one or two right out of the oven. All my other little cookie monsters gobbled these up too!

Day 11

On the eleventh day of Valentine's I made for my true loves...
mini cherry cobblers!These were just the right size for my little kiddies to each have their own cobbler. They snarfed them up and Eric really enjoyed them too!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 10

On the tenth day of Valentine's I made for my true loves...
Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes!
Oh how we all love our chocolate in this house and these little cheesecakes went fast into the kids mouths and they were gone! They were rich and decadent and super easy to make. If anyone wants any of these V-day treat recipes just let me know. I'm almost finished with only 4 more days, but I have a ton of recipes. It's hard narrowing them down, but fun at the same time trying new things.

Day 9

On the ninth day of Valentine's I made for my true loves...
Peanut Butter Truffles.
The kids enjoyed these ones more than the oreo ones. I personally like the oreo ones better, but both are very tasty and very rich.
Here is a pic of what they look like. If you love peanut butter these are the truffles for you. They are made with Nutter Butter cookies-ooh yeah so tasty.

Day 8

On the eighth day of Valentine's I made for my true loves...
two tasty treats.
Homemade chicken chimichangas and
Pink and Black heart cookies. Both were ever so good and snarfed right up by everyone!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


We LOVE you our dear angel boy Christian!Today was a dreary day in our house for it marked the five year anniversary since we lost our sweet boy, Christian. We miss him dearly and it is agonizing each and every day with thoughts of what he would be doing and be like, what our family would be like, and how much fuller life would seem with him in it. It has been an excruciating five years without him even with our little lovely additions to our family. We miss him and wish we were together. Every February 7th since his passing our little bunch have done something together to remember him and enjoy each other's company. Eventhough it fell on a Sunday this year we still honored our boy and enjoyed some family time.
Every year we try to get up to his grave and leave some flowers and release balloons to him. I am horrible, because it has been a year since I last went up there. I can't bring myself to go, it is just way too painful and reality always sets in a little more that he truly is gone, he truly did exist and I truly did lose my little boy! I HATE it! I HATE the pain it brings and the pain I must endure throughout the rest of my life. It is so wrong and I can't undo it. I put on a brave little face for these adorable children and help them to remember Christian(not that they have ever forgotten him)is watching them and loves them. They enjoy sending him balloons and we watch as they float up and away to him. They said goodbye to him and sent their love to him. Laney is getting to Alexis and Kaleigh's stage where she is having a hard time talking about him without getting upset. She has banned them from mentioning the C word(Christian) in the house. It's a lot for these little ones to have to deal with and as they get older I only hope it won't hurt them as much. Who knows, people like to tell me it will get better with time, but time has only made the hurt more painful!
We had corndogs for lunch in honor of Christian. When he was sick during his treatment they told us he wouldn't eat much, but the little guy packed away 5 corndogs in one sitting. To say the least all the nurses in the hospital were quite surprised. He always did love his corndogs and hot dogs. We like to remember that about Christian. He always surprised people with what he could do and what he could endure. He was and is my little miracle boy! He held out longer than any other kid with his diagnosis, pure miracle and determination on his part!
We took a picture of Bella near her brother's grave so she has something of him in her baby book. They share a birthday month and are very much alike in personality. She smiles a ton just like he did, she has a problem with sleeping just like he did, but she loves to be awake just like Mr. C as a baby. She also has the same rash on her cheeks and chin like Christian. So many similarities it's frightening.
These are our 8 balloons that we let go to Christian to send our love to him. They took off very quickly and were out of view just as fast! We like to think he knew they were his and he was taking them as fast as he could. We love our dear son and hope to have him in our arms again one day hopefully soon and not too, too long. We love you Christian Eric!

Day 7

On the seventh day of Valentine's I made for my true loves...
yummy chocolate covered popcorn.
I have made it half way through the countdown and all my lit'l loves are just LOVIN' the daily treats and the surprise of what it will be. I have been having a blast and today's choice had some special meaning behind it. This treat was one of Christian's favorite snacks when he was little so it being his day today I chose to make this. Here's sending some love up to my little angel boy!

Day 6

On the sixth day of valentine's I made for my true loves...
A YUMMY brownie ice cream cake with creamy chocolate frosting.
They just loved this decadent chocolate cake. It had girl scout thin mint ice cream between two brownie cake layers and chocolate frosting made with whipping cream. Pure decadence and HEAVENLY!

Day 5

On the fifth day of Valentine's I made for my true loves...
Peanut butter heart cookies.
These were yummy lit'l cookies for all my sweet lit'l valentines and my one big LOVE who always holds my heart!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 4

On the 4th day of Valentine's I made for my lovely true loves...
rice "kiss"pies!
My kids got a kick out of these! Kaleigh's response was "whoa baby, those are big kisses!"
This is what they look like all done up. They are the easiest things to make. You just make a batch of rice krispies and mold them using a funnel.
I wrapped them in saran wrap and stuck my little banner in the wrap. I then covered them with foil so they would look just like hershey's kisses.
I made this batch with some chocolate marshmallows. You can never have too much chocolate-RIGHT? Happy eating everyone. My kids and Eric have gobbled these up. Rice krispie treats are good anyway even in "kiss"pie form.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And the Award Goes To...

This talented, smart, sexy man- MY HUBBY! So I have to brag about my loving, adorable, very SMART husband. He won an award-well the project he worked on did. He did the design work and engineering on a bridge(sr-66) and the project won in the 1-10 million dollar category. His office gets a plaque and everything. Needless to say he is very proud of himself, as am I. He should be proud. He is a great engineer and he now has something else to put on his resume to brag about. I love this man and am very proud of him. If you see him or talk to him you should congratulate him. It is a stressful business to be in and when you accomplish something like this it deserves to be praised.

8 Months and Counting!

I can't believe this little angel is already 8 months old! She's getting old and way too big WAY TOO FAST!She is rolling all over the place trying to get up and crawl, but she gets frustrated too fast and just falls back down. She is doing the army crawl just pulling herself to reach a toy she wants or rolls(very fast I might add)to whatever or whomever she wants to be near to. She is eating everything in sight and is still up every 2 hours at night ready to contiue eating. She has finally put on some more weight, she is not as long and skinny anymore. She is still very long, she just is gaining weight so she's not in the 30% anymore.
She absolutely loves giraffes. This is her holding her giraffe that is a rattle too. She has about 3 giraffe stuffed animals and gravitates towards them all when they are around her. She loves Logan to death. She giggles and squeals when he comes near her and he feels the same about her. He loves her to death and I'm sure he will always look after her as they grow up together.

Bella also loves her daddy very much! She grins from ear to ear when he comes home for lunch and comes home from work at the end of the day. She's a sweetheart and we love her to death. Our family wouldn't be complete without this little lovely. I am sad that she is growing so fast, but excited for what the next day holds. She amazes me everyday with something new, but then again so do the rest of my little kids. It's amazing how someone so small and new can just take hold of your heart and make you love them more than life itself. I now have seven little angels doing that to me each and every day. Bella Georgia, we love you and can't wait to see you develop more each day.

Kisses and Hugs!

On the third day of Valentine's I made my true loves...
kisses and hugs cupcakes filled with chocolate raspberry surprise candy meltaways. They were BLISSful!
Here's just a couple of cute little pics of Bella flashing her gorgeous smile at mommy.
This is one of her favorite toys. She plays with it everyday, all day long. The other toy in the picture(the musical stacker) is her other favorite toy. If you just want to quiet her down and keep her busy for awhile you just need to put these two toys in front of her!

Going in for the tasty bite! She's teething on everything she can get her mouth on!

Day 2 for my true loves!

On the 2nd of Valentine's I gave my true loves...
homemade oreo truffles.
Don't these look scrumptious! They are, just let me tell you!
(Jenny, while making these I was thinking of you) Pure oreo cookies mixed with cream cheese and then dipped in chocolate-PURE HEAVEN!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Countdown

On the first day of Valentines I gave my true loves...
some home-made felt fortune cookies filled with chocolate hearts.I put these in Eric's work bag and the girls' lunches as a nice surprise. They are filled with a love fortune and some chocolate hearts. I gave the boys and Laney theirs at lunch time at home. They all loved them. Logan got a fortune that said U R Special and he exclaimed "yes! I'm special, I'm special" It was the cutest thing ever. Aw, the simple things in life. I just love it.