Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin decorating, fall festival, birthday, and MURDER!

MURDER happened in our house this weekend. Eric saw a mouse under our upstairs couch and instructed me to help him kill it. I absolutely HATE mice and wanted no part in this, but I had to protect my sweet little kids from the unwanted guest. We chased it back and forth from each other until it came my way and Eric said "whack it" I did and low and behold I killed my first mouse. Poor lit'l fella, but that'll teach you to come into MY house!
We had a lot of fun this weekend minus the mouse event. We celebrated Laney's birthday-can't believe she is 6 already, decorated pumpkins, and went to the South Jordan Fall Festival-which happened to be on Laney's birthday. This picture is all of us watching Snow White, which Laney got as her present from us.
Laney happy as a clam to get another princess movie!
This year we put a spin on birthday cake. These are cake pops. They were a huge hit!
Laney decorating her pumpkin at the Fall Festival. We only did this activity, because it was pouring like cats and dogs and this activity luckily was under a tent.
Alexis and her pumpkin
Kaleigh making a goofy face-AGAIN, and Logan proud of their pumpkins, wondering what was next. Nothing, because it started to pour. Although we did have a treat before we left. We got a free sample of pie from Village Inn-they were one of the sponsors for the festival. Next year we hope it won't be raining, because there was face painting, pumpkin bowling, costume contest, carving contest, and free hot chocolate and cookies. But little kids, infant, and pouring rain just don't mix!
Finished pumpkins-Alexis, Laney, Logan, Kaleigh, and the lit'l piggie is Bella's. Noah wouldn't let his go so he kept his.
The kids all proud of their creations.
Noah enjoying his pumpkin and having fun pulling off the stickers from it. Gotta love this little goofy guy. A busy weekend again, but lots of fun! Now we just have one more birthday this week and Halloween, then it will be quiet until Thanksgiving. Gotta just love raising a big bunch!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Moment

So, Eric and I have been wondering if it's possible that at times I have suffered PTSD moments when getting upset over Christian matters. This week I truly know I have PTSD when it considers the huge ordeal with Christian. I had to go and get a scan to try and determine a medical condition or at least try to solve it. I went to the hospital by myself already a little stressed and nervous only to find out that my scan was in the nuclear medicine department. I had to lay under this scanner pressed up against my abdomen for 1 1/2 hours. In the middle of it I started shaking and freaking out in my head trying to hold back tears as they filled my eyes.
The last time I was in the nuclear med. dept. was with Christian when he was getting his scan and he stopped breathing. I was by myself with him and it was chaos for a few minutes trying to give him more oxygen and monitoring him and the tech. trying to get him stable. I felt like I was right back there in that moment, only now the scan was for me. It's been a tough week and still no final answers on what the trouble is. All I can think about is how hard it has been without Christian, how hard it was with him going through all that he did-seeing him deteriate over his last month, explaining it to the kids over and over trying to make them understand he can't come back no matter what, and now dealing with my own medical problems makes me just throw up my hands and say alright isn't this enough, but come on I'm strong and I'll take what you give me and try and deal with it. As stressful as the week has been without any definate answers nothing will ever be as hard as battling for Christian and losing him. I now know that one can have PTSD when dealing with grief and this has been very hard for me-yet another trial for me to try and overcome, but I have to make myself remember the good with Christian to take me out of those moments. It's a struggle that I know I'll have for awhile, but there will be a time when memories of his battle won't make me come uncompletely done. It's as if I am experiencing the loss, pain, fear, and begging for his life all over again. It takes me right back to the exact feeling and event. It's a very strange feeling kinda like an out of body experience. I just can't explain it, but it's very scary sometimes. I only hope that times will get better and that my medical problems will be simple and cleard up quickly. Not knowing is very frightening-for me and Eric as well. Once we know what is going on (good or bad) things will be better.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gorgeous girl makes me feel VERY old!

She can't be my daughter- my lit'l Alexis?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pickin' out Pumpkins!

We're off to see the pumpkins, the magical patch of pumpkins!Kaleigh on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin.Born free- Noah all smiles being able to roam free.
Laney stopped her search to strike a pose.
Alexis proud of her giant find.
Logan- "Cheese"
Givin' some brotherly love to Bella
Kaleigh and her other pumpkin. The kids pick out a big one and a tiny one every year. They decorate the big ones and keep the lit'l ones in their rooms.
Sister love and smiles!
Cute, Adorable, Loveable Boys!
We took a ton of family shots and this is the only one that I liked a little. Hopefully we'll get a better one at a later date.
Noah very tired after running all over the pumpkin patch
Alexis striking a pose for mom.
Little miss Bella. A sweet ending to a very fun afternoon and a busy day overall. We began the day with the walk and ended with the patch and slurpees. Very fun and very tiring.

Walk of Hope 2009

We love you and will never forget you, our dear sweet Christian! In our sons memory we took part in a fundraiser for Rocky Mountain Candlelighter's called the Walk of Hope. We had a good time and knew it was for a great cause. We walked with love for our son and hope to find a cure for childhood cancers.Our family picture before the walk.
Everyone beginning the walk.

The kids all got some noise makers to blow during the walk.
Snapshot during the walk.
Kaleigh, Logan, and Laney helping walk some therapy dogs used for help with cancer patients.
Logan holding our team sign-Mr. C's Crew!
Kaleigh and Alexis proud to hold our medal for our fundraising efforts. It was a great day and we felt good to do something worthwhile in Christian's memory. We will definately make this an annual event. Maybe even try and get the whole extended family to take part.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Games Over and Cute Bella

So T-ball has come to an end, and just in time for the dark to be coming sooner in the evening. When Laney would have a game at 6:30 it would be dark by 7:00 p.m., so we are glad games are now done. Both Laney and Logan had a blast. I finally was able to get a picture of Laney at bat and I took some cute pics. of Bella. She's growing way too fast, but she's still cute as a button.
I just love this smile of hers.

My two gorgeous girls right before we left for the games.
Laney waiting for her turn to bat.
Batter Up!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kids say the darndest things!

Funny lit'l Laney
So, I was in the kitchen cleaning up and Bella was in her bouncer and started to cry. I noticed that she needed her diaper changed-IMMEDIATELY, so I asked Eric to go and change her. Well the kids were at the table eating their lunch and my sweet, adorable little daughter said "mom, why do you tell dad what to do, is he your servant or something" yep that's right folks out of the mouths of babes. My lit'l darlin' Laney had us cracking up over that little comment for hours. They all keep us laughing everyday more and more.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Good Score!

So, again I have a nice score of food for the week. I'm quite surprised to say that the winner this week is Albertsons- I know, I'm SHOCKED too! They have a really good sale going on until Tuesday and I had really good coupons to match up with it. This is what I got:
10 boxes of chicken/hamburger helper
4 oscar mayer deli creations
2 12pk. keebler snack crackers
3 candy bars(free with coupon)
4 renuzit air freshner
5lb. bag red pots.
2lb. bag baby carrots
2 litehouse caramel dip
4 3-pack pop secret
2 10 pack disposable playtex gloves(free with coupons)
3 2 liter cherry 7-up
2 McCormick gravy mix
2 refrig. Welch's juice
6 pack super pretzel
10 softsoap containers
Grand total of groceries came to $133.56
What I ended up paying for them came to $47.36 for 51 items (less than $1 per item) SWEET! I love my finds. I did good with Harmons, Smith's, and Target this week as well-just not as GREAT as this Albertsons trip. I honestly love the hunt of a good sale and deal paired together. It's a fun little game for me and my family reaps the benefit of it. This week I bought groceries totaling $468.00 but only spent $228.11(had to buy diapers and wipes) which means I saved 51% this week total. Not bad if I say so myself. I will be taking a food shopping break for awhile due to the fact all 3 freezers are full and my pantry and storage room is packed to the rafters. I have no more room for food which is a really good thing to say and know. I stocked us up for half the price it usually costs me. I only wish I had done this earlier in our marriage. I could just kick myself for all the $$ I could have saved in the past 11 years. I have always tried to buy things when they are on sale, but now with the addition of coupons I save, save, save! Well now that I have bragged about my finds I will say adios amigos! Love ya all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bella at 4 months!

So, this lit'l darlin' is 4 months now, can you believe it! I sure can't, but then time flies when you are havin' fun. We went to the doctor yesterday and she currently weighs 12 lbs. 10 1/2 oz. and is 25 1/2 inches long. She is in the 30% for weight and 95% for height. She still has a small head only coming in at 30%, but other than that she is as healthy as an ox. She is giggling, grabbing, trying to push off of my legs when she stands, and we are now attempting more food. We've been trying rice and pears for awhile now, but she doesn't have it down yet, but hopefully soon so I can get more sleep. We figure once she has solid food in her fiery furnace of a belly maybe she'll sleep for more than an hour and a half at a time. I'm one tired mommy, but this too will pass, so I'll just enjoy our nighttime fun for now. She smiles up at people all the time now and she is the most ticklish little girl. She's our sweet, beautiful girl who is getting bigger and bigger every day. We love her very much and are glad she has joined our family healthy and happy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hogle Zoo Fun!

This is just one of the many cute little animals we enjoyed seeing at Hogle Zoo on our last outing of vacation. The cute mamma snow leopard taking a snooze while her cubs were off playing. We were going to go to the zoo on Wed. but the weather made us change our plans to Friday-which was a very busy day due to it being UEA and all. We had a blast checking out all the animals, had a picnic lunch, and my dad paid for the kids to all go on the carousel and train which the kids absolutely LOVED!Snoozin' Away
Every trip we make to the zoo we have to get the kids' pictures by the gorilla measuring chart.

Logan thought it was the coolest thing.
Alexis enjoyed her ride as much as the other kids.
Logan had a blast as he went up and down and around and around.
Noah kept saying wee, wee, wee, the whole ride. Such a cutie!
Kaleigh's favorite part- the baby giraffe.
The penguins were very active-swimming, jumpin' in the air, diving, and bobbing all over the place. It had Noah squealing in delight.
This is Noah looking at some monkeys- his favorite part by far. Just look at that face.
The rhinos up close and personal.
The kids all love this elephant statue- well almost all the kids. Logan wouldn't go near it because of the squirting. He said he didn't want to get wet because it was cold.
Mamma and Baby elephant. I could just stay there all day and watch this little cutie. I got a ton of pictures of the baby playing, eating, and hangin' with mamma.
Mamma gettin' some food. I've never been there when they were eating. It was quite a sight to behold.
Noah trying to run away from the gorilla statue just as I'm trying to get a picture taken. Silly little boy.
The kids' last picture at the zoo as we discovered we had filled the whole card with all of our outings. What can I say, I just love taking pictures of these guys. Just look at them, who wouldn't! They are all soooo cute! We had a blast over these past 4 weeks and can't wait for our next off-track adventures. Tune in for I'm sure we'll have lots more to say and show of our adventures!