Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hogle Zoo Fun!

This is just one of the many cute little animals we enjoyed seeing at Hogle Zoo on our last outing of vacation. The cute mamma snow leopard taking a snooze while her cubs were off playing. We were going to go to the zoo on Wed. but the weather made us change our plans to Friday-which was a very busy day due to it being UEA and all. We had a blast checking out all the animals, had a picnic lunch, and my dad paid for the kids to all go on the carousel and train which the kids absolutely LOVED!Snoozin' Away
Every trip we make to the zoo we have to get the kids' pictures by the gorilla measuring chart.

Logan thought it was the coolest thing.
Alexis enjoyed her ride as much as the other kids.
Logan had a blast as he went up and down and around and around.
Noah kept saying wee, wee, wee, the whole ride. Such a cutie!
Kaleigh's favorite part- the baby giraffe.
The penguins were very active-swimming, jumpin' in the air, diving, and bobbing all over the place. It had Noah squealing in delight.
This is Noah looking at some monkeys- his favorite part by far. Just look at that face.
The rhinos up close and personal.
The kids all love this elephant statue- well almost all the kids. Logan wouldn't go near it because of the squirting. He said he didn't want to get wet because it was cold.
Mamma and Baby elephant. I could just stay there all day and watch this little cutie. I got a ton of pictures of the baby playing, eating, and hangin' with mamma.
Mamma gettin' some food. I've never been there when they were eating. It was quite a sight to behold.
Noah trying to run away from the gorilla statue just as I'm trying to get a picture taken. Silly little boy.
The kids' last picture at the zoo as we discovered we had filled the whole card with all of our outings. What can I say, I just love taking pictures of these guys. Just look at them, who wouldn't! They are all soooo cute! We had a blast over these past 4 weeks and can't wait for our next off-track adventures. Tune in for I'm sure we'll have lots more to say and show of our adventures!

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