Sunday, October 18, 2009

Walk of Hope 2009

We love you and will never forget you, our dear sweet Christian! In our sons memory we took part in a fundraiser for Rocky Mountain Candlelighter's called the Walk of Hope. We had a good time and knew it was for a great cause. We walked with love for our son and hope to find a cure for childhood cancers.Our family picture before the walk.
Everyone beginning the walk.

The kids all got some noise makers to blow during the walk.
Snapshot during the walk.
Kaleigh, Logan, and Laney helping walk some therapy dogs used for help with cancer patients.
Logan holding our team sign-Mr. C's Crew!
Kaleigh and Alexis proud to hold our medal for our fundraising efforts. It was a great day and we felt good to do something worthwhile in Christian's memory. We will definately make this an annual event. Maybe even try and get the whole extended family to take part.


  1. I love Candlelighters. We would love to get in on the action, especially if we lived in Utah :-) Wonderful pictures.

  2. Aaaaaa! I totally forgot to donate! Can we still donate?? Blast this memory of mine!