Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dino Park, RRRoar!

So we kicked off the kids' last week off-track with some good ol' dino fun. Wow, did we have a blast up in Ogden. All the kids enjoyed themselves as you'll see in the pictures. My dad went up with us and he enjoyed seeing the kids have fun and he also liked the park. We wound up getting a family year pass, because after we paid for admission the family year pass only cost one more dollar. SWEET! The year pass has other free admissions with it too- we get in to Tracy Aviary, Ogden Union Station, the nature preserve and half-off to hogle zoo. What a good deal we scored. We will have endless amount of fun for the next year. Yee Haw!
Kaleigh and her infamous need to always pose. Silly Goof!

Noah really enjoyed the playground. The slide especially. It was shaped like a dinosaur of course.
This was a new area, the dig it area. The kids got to dig up fossils and enjoyed the process of discovery- EUREKA!
Again, miss cute little poser!
Alexis thought this was one of the coolest picture opps.
I finally convinced Laney to take a picture with a dinosaur. Eric kept teasing her that they would come to life and eat her. Needless to say, for most of the day she refused to take a picture with the dinos.
Noah found a friend in this frog in the playground. We have many more pictures of the fun, but I won't overwhelm you. We ended the day with lunch at Red Robin courtesy of my dad. He really loves getting to spend time with us on outings and he had this week off, so he joined us. We are ending the girls vacation with Hogle Zoo, so stay tuned for more pictures later.

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