Wednesday, February 3, 2010

8 Months and Counting!

I can't believe this little angel is already 8 months old! She's getting old and way too big WAY TOO FAST!She is rolling all over the place trying to get up and crawl, but she gets frustrated too fast and just falls back down. She is doing the army crawl just pulling herself to reach a toy she wants or rolls(very fast I might add)to whatever or whomever she wants to be near to. She is eating everything in sight and is still up every 2 hours at night ready to contiue eating. She has finally put on some more weight, she is not as long and skinny anymore. She is still very long, she just is gaining weight so she's not in the 30% anymore.
She absolutely loves giraffes. This is her holding her giraffe that is a rattle too. She has about 3 giraffe stuffed animals and gravitates towards them all when they are around her. She loves Logan to death. She giggles and squeals when he comes near her and he feels the same about her. He loves her to death and I'm sure he will always look after her as they grow up together.

Bella also loves her daddy very much! She grins from ear to ear when he comes home for lunch and comes home from work at the end of the day. She's a sweetheart and we love her to death. Our family wouldn't be complete without this little lovely. I am sad that she is growing so fast, but excited for what the next day holds. She amazes me everyday with something new, but then again so do the rest of my little kids. It's amazing how someone so small and new can just take hold of your heart and make you love them more than life itself. I now have seven little angels doing that to me each and every day. Bella Georgia, we love you and can't wait to see you develop more each day.

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