Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy V-day Everyone!
I hope you all had fun. I know my bunch of loves had a blast. I decorated our table in pink and red for our V-day celebrations. I even put up some balloons. Everyone's chair had a cute little bow on it and the kids were so surprised when they woke up and came downstairs.
I made them heart pancakes, strawberries cut in half to look like hearts, little smokies, and of course we had pink milk to drink!
They all just loved their breakfast. I then continued the "I heart U" theme for lunch. I didn't get any pictures, but we had heart shaped p&b sandwiches, clementines, pink yogurt, pretzels, and they got to eat the chocolates they got from my dad that morning. He always buys them their own little heart shaped box of chocolates. You gotta love Grandpa R. he just always knows what they love!

Eric and I spent some time alone at night to celebrate just us! I made some more chinese food, both because he loves it and it's Chinese New Year! This is szechuan beef and homemade egg rolls with homemade sweet and sour sauce. This was my first try at the beef and the egg rolls and he says going to a Chinese restaurant is off the list, because I make it better. He says we'll only get chinese food from a restaurant to give me a break from cooking it, but I prefer to just make it myself. It does taste better and it is way cheaper!

So there you have it! Fourteen days of treats and new recipes all completed. I had a blast making everything and my bunch had a blast at eating them all. I'm sure I will continue new recipes this month, because I am obsessed with trying new things right now. It's just too much fun! You all should try some new things and remember to show and share your love each and everyday with those you care for!

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  1. From Blake:

    Did you make the egg roll "dough", outside, wrap, thingy (what is that called?). Do you have the recipe for those? I have seen pre-made outer thingys at the store have you tried them?