Saturday, February 27, 2010

Laney Banes!

So, I just need to post this before I forget this funny moment with HI-larious Laney!
She was telling funny little jokes to Logan and then did this...
High five
To the side
Up in space
In your face!
She planted her hand straight into Logan's face and they both started giggling and giggling. Aww, I just love these kids. I can just smile and laugh all day with their antics and I'm very glad and feel very fortunate to be able to do that. I love being a stay at home mom! Best job in the world and most days the hardest, but I just LOVE it!
Watch out though, next time you see Laney you just might get a hand planted in your face. The kids have been doing it for the last couple of days and rolling on the ground in laughter. My little jokesters!

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  1. Hey Crystal! You've got a great looking bunch. I bet they do keep you busy, but they all look like a bunch of cuties. I hope your throat is feeling much better! Good to hear from you and catch up on your family. Take Care!