Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last Post for Awhile

Well we finally heard some news about Alexis, but it still has us baffled and won't be resolved until June. All her tests for thyroid functioning are fine, however her bone scan shows a 2 year bone growth delay and they don't know why. The doctors haven't explained much to us, but I'm hoping to get more info in the coming months. Stress, stress, stress! I knew she was looking short, but a 2 year delay is crazy.
On another note, this will be the last post for awhile as I head into doctor's orders of bed rest. We thought everything was fine for our new little one, but it changed again. I have been diagnosed with placenta previa and am hoping nothing bad will happen. All I can do is hope for the best and whatever happens, happens. It's out of my hands and all I can say is in our family when it rains it POURS!
Hope for the best and prepare for the worst seems to be our family motto these days! I'm going to miss our free annual date night this year. We love Art Soup, which is CNS's fundraiser, it's fun, free, and it's for a good cause. They are a non-profit nursing/home health care business. They took real good care of Christian and loved him deeply! I also get a free piece of art bought by my dad when we go. RATS, what a time to be put on bed rest.
Please keep Alexis in your prayers that everything will be fixed and she'll remain healthy. She's my first-born and I hate to think of something awful happening to her. I would hate it for any of my kids, but she's the oldest and was touched the most by her brother and has had enough bad stuff in her short little life. And on that note, I must be returning to my couch!


  1. We'll be praying for you guys! Hope everything turns out the way you'd like it to.

  2. Alexis is in my prayers. But so are you. I hope the little ones are all okay. Call if you need anything.