Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things that come in threes!

Well, I'm just not that good at taking doctor's orders, or at least keeping them fully. It's hard to take it easy and stay down with 5 very energetic children. The last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster. It started out with getting info, if you can call it that, about Alexis and our waiting game to see if she's okay. Then came the run to the hospital with thoughts of losing our little one, but she's okay thank goodness. My condition just keeps us on our toes and I need to not do as much. Then the final event, poor Noah getting his tooth knocked back up into his gums and a big gash in his mouth. My lovely 3 yr old tank was running downstairs and bumped into him knocking him into a container of books. Needless to say there was a whole lot of bleeding, crying, and guilt(from me not being downstairs with them). We took Noah to the pediatric dentist and have to wait for a month to see if the tooth will come back down by itself or if we just leave it alone or get it pulled. The dentist thinks there's no permanent damage, so just another adventure of having 5 small kids in the house.
Well at least I can say my life isn't boring, but a little less adventure would be nice once in a while. The older kids go back to school again on Monday which is a real good thing. It's actually easier to take care of the 3 younger ones on bedrest than all 5.
We had the opportunity to enjoy some of the good weather, before the snow came again. Eric and I took the kids to their school on Saturday and flew kites with them. He made me promise to just sit and watch, but five little ones running in different directions all the time is hard for one person to deal with, so I took it upon myself to look after Noah. My mind said yes I can, while my body said no you certainly can't. So my little jaunt with the family put me into bed for the rest of the day and all of Sunday. It sucks when you think you can do something, but your body tells you differently. I feel like an old lady, seriously I am never going to let my body get old if I can help it.
So that's what we have all been up to lately and hopefully it will be a little more quiet on our homefront. I wish you all well and have a Happy Day!


  1. Wow, it looks like you've got quite an adventure on your hands. I wish I lived closer so I could come and help out.

  2. What cute pictures!!

    I hate bedrest, too...and your situation is about 20x harder than mine! But I'm glad you got to get out and see the sun (even if you paid for it later!!) :-)