Sunday, May 3, 2009

Things I Love About May

Hey there, I just love the month of May so I thought I would share some of my loves with all of you rather than just posting my rants and frustrations.

1. The month begins with my birthday which I just love because I have lasted through all the bad and enjoyed all the good life has brought.

2. It's the start of some beautiful weather and outings for us.

3. Mother's Day is a wonderful day that I enjoy remembering the women in my life who have taught me and cared for me and that I respect. I have an awesome mother-in-law who tries her hardest to be there for me even when she has so many others she is looking out for. I have great aunts, sister-in-laws, grandma-in-laws(who act just like blood grandmas), and I had one amazing grandma who was more my mom than anything. I hope to be half as good of a mother as she was to me. I also have my daughters to think of and look up to as they already have a lot of mothering care instilled in them. They take care of their younger siblings with so much love and adoration I know they will become wonderful women and mothers.

4. So many people that I love and care for also enjoy May birthdays. My grandma, my mother-in-law, my nephew, and my amazing husband. I love to show these people how much I care for them and love to celebrate their life, especially my husband.

5. Memorial Day is a big one for our family. We love it not only because we have had family members who have served, but also it usually always falls around Eric's birthday so we have a huge weekend extravaganza of celebration. I just love it.

6. My children go off track right around the 22nd of the month and we can enjoy the nice weather and go do fun things. However this year we are hoping to bring home our new addition right around that time. They are all excited and counting down the days.

7. The last thing about May that I absolutely love is the change of season. I enjoy being able to jump into the warmth and walk on the grass barefoot, watch the kids play outside or go swimming. I enjoy the sun and the longer daylight. I enjoy the planning we do for our summer outings we would like to do. I mostly like the thought of not being trapped in my house anymore. I can't wait to be outside everyday soaking up the rays and not having too many cares in the world. I also enjoy the fact that May means we will almost have our new little baby here, YAY!

So these are a few of my favorite things. Writing about them just makes me want to go outside and enjoy everything right now. I love this time of year and am just so happy it is here!


  1. YAY for MAY! I am with you! I love new seasons because they happen just when you feel like you need a change! I can't wait for cute little baby to come too... and we all need to go to the park and stuff this summer!

  2. This is Emmy, not Brad, but I was too lazy to switch bloggers!

    Anyway, you made me really happy for May!! San Diego sort of has May all the time, and I forget all the things I really love about spring and summer. But this year I'm forcing myself to see the subleties (is that how you spell it?) between the seasons and get excited for each new one that comes along!