Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leapin' Lizards!!!

Well, it's finally over and man alive, are we ever so pooped! We had a blast doing "Annie," but it was time consuming and a lot harder for me juggling things than I thought it would be. Mental note: don't do a play while still nursing a baby, it makes it extremely stressful when rehearsals last 7 hours the last week before the play. Other than that, the girls and I enjoyed ourselves so much we are thinking of the next play we can do. It's loads of fun, and life needs to have a load or two of fun in it!Cute lit'l sister orphans. They made tons of new friends and managed to stay on top of school work too!

Here we all are dressed in our parts. This costume was extremely hot up on stage, however, it could have been the fact they forgot to turn on the a.c. during our performances. Oh well, the show MUST go on =)!
I'll be posting more pics of rehearsals and our last show later. If you missed it, you really did miss a very cute show. The orphans stole the show. So cute, we had 70 orphans and they did a WONDERFUL, AMAZING job. It was a fun cast and crew to work with and we will DEFINITELY be doing next year's BAAB's play. The hubs may even join in on the fun. He misses the theater, I mean stage. Can't let it out of the bag that he has a love of theater now can we. Until we meet again our lovely audience. We bid you farewell! =)

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  1. I found your blog through your comment on 'Little Tots, Big Ideas' Hope you don't mind, but when you mentioned 'sunshine in your soul' I just wanted to connect with more LDS women and your comment was a big hint!

    Spent sometime going through this blog and also the blog about Christian. Your comment about being torn between wanting to be with Christian and also your family touched my heart. Both my parents passed away with in 10 minutes of each other...both from massive heart attacks. My Mom is an awesome grandma so if you don't mind I've asked her to give you and your Christian a big grandma hug and to keep an eye on him for you! She understands how you feel because she lost a baby also! I'm sure her hug will have a lot of love and understanding in it.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Becky Jane