Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow, snow, and more snow FUN!

As we were leaving our house in the morning our lovely little Laney claimed she did not want to go sledding, but once we arrived at the snow filled hills she ran out hopped on her sled and went flying down the hill. You couldn't stop her or get her off that sled. When we were finally leaving for the day Daddy had to carry her off, because she didn't want to stop the fun. It was a fun day all in all. We will definately go sledding more and more and maybe Mommy will actually attempt her first sledding day. Although it won't be down any big hills, because the baby might not enjoy it as much.
Kaleigh enjoying everything and everyone. Loving going down on her tummy and spinning around on her sled. Smiles abounding from this little girl as she dared her older sister to more and more crazy stunts.

Our oldest, and most serious child, enjoying the sledding so much that she forgot she was suppose to remain so SERIOUS. It was a blast seeing her act like her kid age. She didn't want to stop. She went backwards, forwards, head first, and spinning all morning down the hills.

The littl one of the bunch, however, did not enjoy being on a sled by himself. He only liked the sledding if he was sitting with Daddy. He did laugh and scream watching his brother and sisters go down the hills.

The kids have never been sledding before so this year we decided to take them. They had a blast and we actually had to tell them to stop when it was time to go. My kids are real daredevils, they kept going off these really high hills and bumps head first and backwards. It was a blast to see them all, even the oldest, act like giddy kids.

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  1. Such a fun day!! I'm glad you got such cute pictures...I need to get mine uploaded!