Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nursing Bliss and Big Boy Choo-Choo Pants

We have had quite the exciting week in our house. I have been stressed out a ton at poor little Bella's slow weight gain due to the jaundice. Thankfully the jaundice is now finally all out of her system and we have just been watching her weight gain over the past 3 weeks. The doctor had ordered us to take Bella in every week to weigh her until she could finally gain an ounce a day and I'm happy to say she finally has. The jaundice was making it hard for her to keep the weight because she was just flushing it all out of her body, but she finally gained 9 ounces this past week putting her at a nice 9 1/2 pounds. She still looks really skinny because she has also grown 2 inches in a month. But yay baby Bella. Doctor trips are now over unless it's a well-child visit. FINALLY!
Our other exciting event is we finally have our boy in his big boy pants! We have been struggling with potty training since he turned 3, which was 9 months ago. He came upstairs last Thursday and declared he wanted to sit on his hop hop ( his frog potty) and go pee pee. Well he did, and his diaper was dry. He continued this all day, not having one accident. He got to wear his big boy pants over the weekend and was so proud of himself. He's having a hard time with #2 potty, but we'll eventually get that down too. I'm just glad to have another kid out of diapers. We now only have Noah and Bella left, yay! What will I do when I have no kids in diapers, enjoy my soft hands again since I won't be washing them a ton a day.

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  1. Congratulations!! We're STILL working on it with Gabe. Ugh. I hate potty training. I would definitely outsource this if I could...what a business that would be!!