Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bella's Blessing

We blessed our sweet Bella Georgia today and had a lovely party for her afterwards. We had family over, minus the few that live out of state-who were missed, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Bella took some very cute pictures today. I actually caught her smile in this one, which I absolutely adore. She is really just how her name says, she is beautiful.
This one I love also. She just looks like a pretty doll.

Here's my sweet cutie pie getting ready to talk. She makes a lot of cooing noises now and will talk to you when you start talking to her.

This is the cute cake that her daddy got for her party. It's absolutely adorable. Church, food, and bingo fun was had by all. We missed you-Brad, Emmy, Gabe, Betsy, Blake, Jenny, Abby, and Hallie. We hope to see you guys soon, and if not soon we'll see you at Christmas.


  1. She is a beauty! Congrats on this big day.

  2. We missed you, too :-(. Thanks for posting pictures, though!

  3. PS - She IS absolutely beautiful. Seriously, I can't wait to see her again!