Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another School Year!

Oh how the time flies, my little Laney started kindergarten this morning. She was so excited, bouncing around and eating her breakfast so fast so we could get to school sooner. She's such a silly girl.
Laney all lined up and ready to enter her classroom with excitement.

Her standing in front of her school with the funniest expression.

All three girls ready for the school day. Alexis and Kaleigh actually started last week, but I wanted a picture of all three in front of their school. So cute, and unbelievable that I have all three girls in school now. Wow!

Alexis on her first day with her new classmates.

Sweet Kaleigh waiting in her school line to go into her new classroom. She's in a portable this year and thinks it's the coolest thing. Gotta love her.

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