Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time to play Catch Up!

Our oldest has done it again! Miss Alexis won the Reflections contest this year at her school. She entered in her favorite category, Visual Arts, and came up with a storyline for her running comics she does. She has made up these characters, The Squins, and makes up very cute stories and pictures with them. She won this category out of her whole grade. Her entry has now moved onto the council level and we are waiting to hear how that goes. She was quite surprised and happy this day. She loves her medal and it has her name engraved on it.Here she is in front of her entry(btw, I just love those cute lit'l doggies too).
Holding up her medal with a little annoyance that I kept taking pictures(yep, I guess she's at that age where mom with the camera makes her annoyed). She wore this medal ALL day and so did NOT want to take it off, even at bedtime. She was really happy she won this year, because she won Principal's choice when she started elementary school and now she has won again in her last year of elementary school-her words, not mine.

Poor Kaleigh was so sad she didn't win. She was crying that she didn't win, but she was still very happy for her sister. It's hard being the younger sister. Alexis keeps shining and Kaleigh wants to be just like her. Kaleigh submitted a poem and we liked it a lot. She just has a hard time when she doesn't get the awards too. We did, however take them out that night to get their free frozen yogurt that all 3 girls got for entering the Reflections contest-so in the end, they were all happy. Laney submitted a cute picture of her school and playground, but she left so quickly after the assembly that I didn't get a picture of her.

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