Thursday, January 15, 2009

Toddlers say and think the cutest things!

I stay at home with my youngest three kids and have a blast everyday with what they say and do. My lovely Laney, who is very excited to start school, declared today that when she grows up at the ripe old age of 6 she is going to be a princess. She said she will have cake and punch everyday and play and learn new stuff. I think she thinks school will be just fun and games. She is so excited to start in July that she went through her dress-ups and pulled out a crown, wand, shoes, and a pink gown and declared this is what I'm wearing my first day. How cute! I could barely stop laughing, as I told her she needed to wear real clothes, not dress-ups.

After Laney had declared she was going to be a princess my adorable Logan said he was going to be a train. The boy is obsessed with trains. I told him he couldn't be a train, but he could drive one. So for the rest of the morning all he did was "drive" his trains around making choo-choo sounds. Little kids really are life's joy and blessings. They keep me laughing every day, even the bad days.

Now Noah doesn't talk much yet, but he is the funniest little baby ever. He is always happy and smiling. I'm sad to say this, but he is now walking very well. They just grow up so fast. He's been attempting the whole walking thing for almost 3 months now, but he would just start to crawl again after a couple of steps. Now, however, he walks any chance he gets. It's quite funny. He looks like Frankenstein when he walked. Noah just takes these heavy steps as he walks, until he gets excited and then he tries to run, but ends up falling down. He laughs at funny moments in movies or cartoons and loves animals. He barks like a dog and can make monkey noises. It's just the cutest thing I've ever heard. I know I'm his mom so of course I think he is the cutest little guy out there, but Hey I'm allowed to I'm his mom.

I enjoyed having Alexis, Christian and Kaleigh home too, but it's fun watching the girls blossom and learn so much at school. I enjoy when they come home and tell me about their day and what they learned. I believe I have the best job and role in life a person could have-I'm mom! What a wonderful time toddlerhood is. Although I love all stages of development. It's fun to see your children grow and learn new things.

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