Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bella is 5 months!

Our sweet Bella turned 5 months on Monday! She is such a sweet girl. We love her tons and enjoy all the new things she is doing. She has the biggest smile and it can light up your day in seconds. She has been eating food, she grabs at toys now, she is trying to sit up all on her own, and yes she is starting to teeth. As seen in the photo she has a very bad rash from all the drool. The rash reminds us of Christian's rash. They are almost identical. We try to keep stuff on it, but the drool is beating the cream.
She's still as happy as can be even with the rash. As a sidenote, the cute little outfit she is wearing was given to us by Eric's cute Aunt Janelle when we had Alexis almost 11 years ago. It has now gone through 4 girls. It's a nice outfit and tough. You can't see it, but it has a cute giraffe on the side of it. All the girls love it and remember it in their baby book. Bella also loves putting her feet in her mouth and has come to master this trick.

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