Friday, November 27, 2009


We heard earlier this month that Rocky Mtn. Candlelighters closed their doors and laid off the very small, paid staff it had due to the economy. They are still operating through the kindness of volunteers, but they really need to get back their office. The director of Candlelighters sent all families a letter about Bingham High School's choice to make them the benficiary of their annual fashion show put on by DECA. The students at BHS asked if any of the families would like to participate and my lovely children jumped at the chance. They will be modeling, escorting, and helping out with the show. We are quite excited for this opportunity-yet again to do something in memory of our boy. The show will be on December 10th at Bingham High School at 7 p.m. The show tickets are $2 per person or $10 for a family. Please, if you can, come out and enjoy a night of fashion and fun all benefiting Candlelighters. This organization is one that families cannot live without. It is extremely helpful when you have just had your life turned upside down with the diagnosis of cancer in your child. If you can't make it consider giving a small donation to Candlelighters at Any small amount will make a difference(yes even a dollar)in the lives of these families and even the kids who survive the dreaded disease. Not only does this organization help during the diagnosis but they even contiue to support survivors through camps, clinics, parties, and support groups. They also keep in touch with "angel" families and support them as well. They are awesome and I can't begin to list all that they do. Happy Holidays and Happy Healthy Living! Pictures of the show will follow later!

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