Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Very Thankful!

Okay, so the Gods must have been reading my blog about having a hard time feeling my blessings. Well I must say I am feeling really grateful right now. I am sick(still-going on about 2 weeks now) and have been trying to keep the kids from getting Bella sick, but I can't keep her away from me seeing how I need to feed her all the time. She started getting sick Sunday night and kept getting worse. She woke up Monday morning with the nastiest cough and sneezing like crazy. When she would cry it sounded the worst due to her being all stuffed up. I decided to take her in on Tuesday because she was yanking at her ear and a fever was starting to creep in. They warned me that due to her being under 6 months expect a trip to Primary's. Oh, not again. Here we go!
Well Eric took her in, because I am so sick that driving is a no, no! Whew! Luckily she just has a head cold and the ear grabbing is due to the fact she has a whole row of teeth ready to pop. At least the doctor thinks so from the huge swollen gums in her mouth. We escaped Primary's and I am VERY grateful for that fact! Our doctors office has been sending every baby under a year that they have seen in the past week straight up to the hospital. Now we just need to watch her and make sure she doesn't get worse(her cold could lead into RSV if we are not careful). Luckily she is still nursing and that is helping her not get so sick. Thank goodness and thank the heavens. I so don't want another trip to the hospital with her again. I am thankful for all my kids' health and the fact that our family seems to just have head colds and not the flu of any kind.
We hope everyone has a good, HEALTHY, Thanksgiving!

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