Saturday, November 28, 2009

Essay Winner!

I am so PROUD of this girl! I always am, but this is a special honor that our lovely daughter received this last week. In her school the whole 5th grade participates in the D.A.R.E. program and after they have completed the program they have a graduation. Well this year's program also contained an essay contest. The students were all asked to write an essay and one girl and one boy from the entire grade would be selected as winners. Well our miss Alexis won for the girls from her grade(which is about 150 students) and received this certificate and a free meal at Del Taco-her dad is excited to take her for lunch. The funny thing about this(well not that funny to me) is she didn't even tell us until after the ceremony. I have been sick and we were going to take Bella to the doctor's the morning of the graduation so we ended up not going. We didn't know that she was being presented an award and she read her essay for the entire school and parents. I felt very bad for not being there, but a little upset that no one told us about it. Sheesh, I would have thought her teacher would have let us know, but oh well. Alexis read it to us when she got home and Eric and I are very proud of her. Way to go Alexis!

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