Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Cute Pictures of the Kiddies!

I just wanted to post some more cute pics of these cute little kidlets. This is Bella in her giraffe outfit she got for Christmas. Isn't she the cutest little girl in a giraffe outfit you have ever seen?Here she is sporting the cute lit'l "love legs" I attempted. They are a little short for her, but anything looks cute and adorable on this lit'l munchkin'.

The boys sporting their cute lit'l haircuts. My MIL took them to get their very first haircut ever given by someone else but mommy. I was under the weather and feeling very run down and worn out so she decided to take the boys out for a couple of hours. Their hair was really getting long so they were due for a haircut, but the previous week had been crazy with everyone sick and all, I just didn't get around to giving them their haircuts, so she did it for me. Yay, one less thing for me to do. Don't they look so old now? How sad my lit'l Noah looks like such a big boy now.

They got balloons at the haircut place too. They went to Cookie Cutters and had a blast.

I just love this pic. My MIL bribed them with toys to get them to go get a hair cut. Smart woman. Bribery always works on these two. Handsome Hansen Brothers!

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  1. Cute Bella in such a cute outfit! Logan and Noah look GREAT! Cookie Cutters is the best. It's so worth the money to have a little more time for yourself - especially if someone else is paying for it. :)