Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bella is 1!!!

It's official... Bella Georgia is ONE today! This little gal cracks me up everyday. I was trying to get cute pics of her in her birthday tutu I made, but she SO was NOT havin' it. I got this adorable pic of her while holding her. She finds the camera fascinating, in fact she finds all electronic gadgets and gizmos simply amazing. Forget toys, this one finds pure joy in our T.V. remote. She's definitely ours, all our babes have preferred non-toys as their play things.I love her sweet face.
This is the pink tutu I made. I can't believe how simple it was to make and now my other two "girly" girls are demanding I make them some too. Fine by me, my craftin and bakin keep this momma from the looney bin!
I just had to include this one. I SO don't blame the gal. Tulle is certainly not the most comfy of things to be wearing. Bella hates it on, but loves to play with it when it is sitting on the floor. Oh well, I made it a little bigger so she can wear it into her toddler years as well. She just looks SO cute in it, I couldn't resist "torturing" her again to get some pics.

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