Thursday, June 10, 2010

Christian's Garden

For the last few years I've had a really hard time getting up to the cemetary to visit my little boy. It brings me nothing but anguish and pain, so I really hate going up there. I decided about 3 years ago we would do a little garden in memory of our Mr. C and we finally got it done. It has been done for 2 weeks now and everything is really growing fast. I had a little kid size bench I wanted to put in his garden, but it needed some sprucin', so enter my BFF, spray paint. Love the stuff, and his bench is gorgeous. I painted his name on it and placed it in his garden. We planted some forget me nots, bleeding hearts, hostas, and some pretty foxgloves. I thought all the plants names fit real well in his garden. We placed the statue we got shortly after he passed away. The lovely in-laws gave it to us and it fits perfectly. We placed all the stepping stones we made and they bring some more color and love to his special place. The kids all love it and they love to see his plants growing more everyday.

It was a long FHE project that took us a good 3 weeks to complete, but well worth it. Everyone had a part in it and the kids loved prepping the area to make it nice and clean, and rock-less, for Christian's garden. They took great care and pride for their brother's special place. They miss him tons, but enjoyed making a lasting place for him in our yard.

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