Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!

Here I go again! Learning a good lesson about myself again. I just looooove when that happens, not really, but I'll take it and run with it. As women, we all at sometime cut ourselves down. Well, I'm notorious for this. It drives the hubs batty, but I can't seem to help it. I feel bad with the way I look and can't seem to get past it. My eyes just see yucky, unbeautiful me, while my hubs and kiddos see me as pretty. I wonder why that is? I mean, I do have my days where I catch myself lookin' pretty dang cute, but most I just see as blah. Well I've learned to tell myself I'm pretty dang cute at least 3 times a day, because I need to learn to love myself and believe it. I have also learned that no matter what my size has been I have always been in disgust. See here I am now, 7 kids later with a lot of extra weight, and I've been disgusted with this photo of me. And here I am before kids and I was disgusted with my size then too. Now I WISH I looked this way again. I feel like this pic shows just what a cutie patootie I really am and could be again. Funny thing, I sooooo didn't feel this way back then. I need to just love ME! Whatever the size I am and I'm sure less blah days will follow. I've been inspired by others who have had horrific accidents or diseases that have left them scarred, but they still feel like a million bucks. I need to get off my pity, ugly party and be thankful for who I am and what I look like. All the extra weight and all. I don't judge others by their cover, so I need to not judge myself. You know that saying, "I'm smart enough, I'm good enough, and gosh darn it people really like me," well I will be repeating this over and over to myself until I whole-heartedly believe it! To all those who know to love themselves no matter what they look like thanks for the inspiration of what beauty is. We are all God's children and are all beautiful in His eyes and that's all that really matters! I am a child of God and I am one of His amazing, beautiful, daughters. Thank you so much, my Heavenly Father for another wonderful self-discovery and lesson in my life! Although, I'm sure I will be learning this lesson over and over again. It's a hard one for me to learn and remember always. It's my life-long struggle.

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  1. I struggle with this too. I hate those ugly glasses that some of us choose to wear all the time. I think you are wonderful and a beautiful inspiration. It's funny because I have had the same problem with myself throughout my life and then I look back at my old pictures and say "really, Rae? You weren't happy, why?" I think I will be repeating your mantra to myself all day, too!