Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day 2010

I just love Father's Day!
Funny thing to love, I know, but I love to celebrate all the men in my life. This year was extra special and meaningful for me, because of all my dad's health problems that have come out of nowhere. I wanted to show all 3 men in my life just how much they mean to me, so out came my craftiness, and here is what I came up with...
For the FIL
I made him a lazy susan art piece. It has a bunch of photos of him when he was younger and a bunch of him in our life with us and our kids. He really does "make our world go round." He's been there ALWAYS for us and our crazy bunch. So what better way to tell him how much we love him.
Now for my dad the kids wanted to get in on the gift making so this is what we came up with...
A one-of-a-kind shirt, just for him. This is what the front looks like...
and here is the backside of the shirt...
I also gave him a basket full of his favorite treats along with a new card game that we introduced him to on his birthday. It's called Monopoly Deal, and he loved playing it. He loved it so much, he told our long-time family friends about it and they wanted to borrow it to play. Gotta love when you surprise your Daddy with just what he wants.

We spoiled the hubs and he LOVED it! The kids all made cards in their classes at school and primary and then we got him a bunch of his favorites. I helped the kids pick out something really funny... a gargoyle statue.
It's been a long, funny, joke between the hubs and me. He has always wanted one for the garden, but we have never gotten one. Well now he has one! And he absolutely couldn't be any happier with it. It tells him secrets, you know.

All he really wanted from me was some homemade lemonade, which he is enjoying in this pic, and chocolate chip cookies. He can never get enough of these two things. They are his fav. We also got him a black U of U shirt, along with a lunch tote filled with a few of his favorite treats for game time, or movie time. Whatever floats his boat. I think he really enjoyed being showered upon. We might need to do it a little more often, just so he knows just how much we love him and appreciate all that he does for us. Times have been hard and stressful, but he has always kept us laughing and smilin. We love him soooooo much!

And in tradition, I made him a card for Father's Day just to let him know in words just how MUCH I love and adore him! Hope everyone else had a wonderful Father's Day and took the time to let their men know how much they mean to them.

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