Friday, July 2, 2010

Field Day Fun!!

The girls all had field day at school this week and I went with them for the first time ever. It was Alexis's last one, because they go to Boondocks in 6th grade, so I just HAD to go. It was so much fun watching Alexis and Laney. Apparently their school does field day in sections, so I was unable to see Kaleigh's. Hers wasn't until 1 p.m. and I only had a sitter for the morning session. I'll just have to go to hers next year. The girls and I made these cute flip flops just in time for their water day. We made them for the pool, but we thought why not wear them to field day-it's just a big day of water fun anyways. Aren't they just so cauuute! Guess who's who feet.
Here's the potato sack race. Alexis had a blast.
Laney's class doing parachute games. It was one of the few waterless games. It was nice because Laney's class was only one station behind Alexis's class, which made picture taking very easy. I didn't have to run across the field trying to grab pics of both girls.
They also had this huge slide that almost everyone in A's class jumped off instead of sliding. Hence, why the pic of A is just of her head at the bottom of the slide. By the time I got to the pic, she was already done. CRAZY girl!!!
Laney's class at the tug-of-war. This was so funny because they were pulling over a kiddie pool filled with water. She loved it!!
Miss Laney Banes at the chalk drawing station. She loves this too. It was a perfect day for this smiley girl. It was fun for me too and very informative for me as well. I learned that I have another little thrill seeker on my hands.

Ready. Set. Throw!! This was girls vs. boys in throwing the wettest balls at each other. As you can see in the pic, A enjoyed herself a lot. She was glad I came and so was I. Thanks to my MIL for watching the little ones, I could go have some fun with my girls.
Laney jumpin' as fast as her little legs would take her.
A's class at the tug-of-war. The parents were mean to the bigger kids at this one. They sprayed them with the hose as they tried to pull the other side into the pool. Needless to say, they were ALL soaked after this station.
Funniest part of the whole field day. A decided to try the dunk tank out and man was she SOAKED! She loved it, but looked like a drowned rat afterwards.
This is her BEFORE
here's my little drowned rat AFTER.

And here is what I was talking about with Laney and her thrill seeking...

My sweet little kindergartner all soaked...
She ABSOLUTELY loved it!!!
She really wanted to do it, but once up on the seat she gave it another thought, but in the end she went for it. I AM IN TROUBLE!!! I now have two, brave, thrill-seeking girls. I'm sure our life will be filled with bumps and bruises along the way, but oh how so much fun we will have. This was a very, fun day for us all and I am so looking forward to our 3 weeks of summer fun.

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