Friday, July 2, 2010

More crafts!!

Funny story here.
I went away for a few days in June to visit some family in Washington. While I was there, my aunt took me shopping and we stopped in at Nordstroms. My uncle works for them and Nordstrom was having it's Half-yearly anniversary sale, so we looked for some shoes. I found these cute snake skin sandals, but my usual size wasn't fitting me, so my aunt made me try a bigger size. Well it took me two bigger sizes to finally have them fit well. It looks like my feet have grown and I didn't even know it. This must be why my feet have been hurting in shoes for the last few years. Sheesh!! I can't believe I didn't even think to try and see if my feet were a different size. I thought when you become an adult your feet stop growing, turns out, that's not the case. So, here's the extra funny part... I use to wear a size 9, turns out I should be wearing a size 11. Oh my heck!! Really, my feet are that big!! Goodness, gracious. Guess the hubs was right all those years ago on our first date, I DO have big feet.
So, because of this new found discovery I went and bought me some new flip flops at Old Navy. I scored big time, because the day I went everything in the store was 30% off. My flip flops only cost me $1.75 a pair, so I got 3 new pairs. They were kind of plain, so I added some flair to them...
My fourth of July inspired ones.

My giraffe ones-Kaleigh is so jealous, she wants me to make a pair for her now too. That girl and her love for the giraffes.

And of course, I had to make a pair for my love of baking. Cute little cupcake ribbon on my charcoal pair of flip flops. All I did with the ribbons is sewed straight down the middle and pulled on the thread to "ruffle" the ribbon. I put a cute glass jewel in the middle and VOILA... a one-of-a-kind pair of flip flops. I think I may have found a new way to de-stress myself, and this one is fat-free. However, I'm sure to still bake, just probably not as much.


  1. Funny you mention growing feet! Just last night at work, a co-worker and I were (very randomly) talking about how his feet had grown. We both remarked that we didn't know that happened to adults!

    Cute shoes, by the way!

  2. My feet grow when I put on weight, which is just so depressing. I mean, thighs, yes, but feet? What's the point of me having fat feet?