Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I looovvve our Thanksgiving Point membership? Well, I do, and we have had another fun, family night outing down there. We went and had our FHE fun at the gardens. It was a BIG, FUN, RED, JELL-O FIGHT! We met up with our lovely family friends the Stones, and everyone had a blast. It's great getting together with them because everyone has a friend to play with including the hubs and me, haha =).All the kids after their sticky, messy, fun!
Laney posing, but giving Scott a weird look. Silly monkey girl!

Lookin for more jell-o. It went fast and flyin' through the air.

Noah finding all kinds on the ground, to then come running full throttle towards Liz.

Logan was having a blast at getting mom. Crazy boy, but sooooo funny! Yep, I got dragged into the big, sticky, mess. It was fun, however, not so much to the hubs. He hung back with Bella the whole fight. He was disgusted with the sticky mess, which as he says is funny with him being the mess-maker, unorganized one of us, and me being the neat/organized one.

Kaleigh's back side after she slipped on jell-o and got pelted with a bunch of jell-o. I think she had the most fun of all of us, but then that's Kaleigh for ya.

After the sticky, messy fight they turned on the sprinklers and well... all the kiddos got themselves soaked. Mental note: next time bring towels. This was all the kids laying in the sun that was left, so they could dry off. They all look like such good friends. We definitely do enjoy meeting up with the Stones. Good friends, good times, and a GREAT FHE once again.

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