Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family trip to the gardens(and this time we saw it all)

We decided to go down to the gardens over the 4th of July weekend on Saturday. It was such a nice day, the temp while we were there was only 66 degrees-soooo nice. We didn't get a chance to see everything the last time we went, but this time I think we finally managed to see it ALL! We spent a good 2 1/2 hours down there and we all had fun. This is the rose garden with the cute munchkins posin' again-love Laney's foot in this pic, it about sums up that cutie-pie.
The munchkins are in love with the fish. We have to see them everytime we go down there.

We found the Secret Garden, love it, it's so peaceful and pretty. It smells really good walking through the honeysuckle when entering the garden.
This lit'l gal has me in love. She makes me smile and giggle all the time, and the kids adore her. She had so much fun squealing in delight the whole time.
I love waterfalls! The kids love them too, but only because this one has a huge hill next to it that they run, roll, chase, and yes FALL, down. They love it and no one ever cries, just laughter here. I absolutely love Thanksgiving Point! It's our family's go-to fun spot.

So, I thought we had seen everything, until...
we saw this guy. Logan screamed and said, "Mom, a moose, he's gonna be my friend and take me for a ride." Gotta love the boy and his excitement and imagination. So, I guess we'll never be able to say, "we've seen it all," just because we keep finding new things there every time we make a trip out there. I love that I can just let my kids run wild, explore, and have a time-of-a-lifetime down there. It makes outings with them all that more fun.

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