Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun Felt Library Bags!

Man, am I behind in my journaling.
Here are our cute, summer-kick-off library bags we made when the kids got out of school at the beginning of the month. If you have a bunch of munchkins like me the library can be a weight-lifting class. When taking all 6 kids and getting all their books, which the hubs or I end up carrying, it turns into a real workout. So, enter these cute no-sew bags. They really are durable for my munchkins and were very thrifty at my love-Hobby Lobby. I just bought some of their big pieces of felt, glued(yep, hot glued them)two pieces together, punched holes to string ribbon through to make handles and let the kids at it with decorating them. Each kids' personality truly are represented on the bags(except Bella's, I haven't done it yet).
Kaleigh's(the girl and her giraffes)

and Noah's
Now our arms don't hurt quite as much when we make it a family trip to the library. The kids love carrying their own books and SO DO I!

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