Friday, July 2, 2010

Busy week with more crafts

So, in this house we just love us some smores. We could eat them always, but they're always such a mess with our lovely bunch. Enter, smores on a stick. The greatest, smartest, and just plain WOW, way to enjoy us some smores. We had so much fun making them and then even MORE fun eating them.All you do is take a marshmallow put a lollipop stick in it and dip it in melted chocolate. Then you just roll it into crushed graham crackers and VOILA... you have a very, easy, clean, tasty smore.
The kids all ready to make them and of course we had to have a pic. They are getting so use to the pic taking that they all said, "wait, we need to get the camera out and take a picture." Aww, gosh, I just love my crazy bunch.
Laney just enjoying hers so much. She is the slow, savor, kinda girl.
These two are the put -the -whole -thing- in -your- mouth, kind of eaters.
And this one hasn't changed since she was a wee lit'l one. She puts it in her mouth, eventhough her mouth is kinda small, and just sits there chewing away with her chipmunk filled cheeks. FYI-when she was a babe she put 3 carrots, a bunch of apple slices and a cracker all in her mouth at once and she looked like a lit'l chipmunk storing food in her cheeks for the winter.

And then we have this little cutie pie. The look says it all. She loves her sweets, and boy, did she ever LOOOOVE this one.
Now these treats are really not messy, but this one seems to always make a mess no matter what. Gotta love the cutie patootie!

My mind slipped this past month and I didn't do any crafts for July. What was I thinkin? Oh, yeah, my dad, Noah, Kaleigh, Bella, and the stress of job huntin. Well, when I finally did think about it I decided to go on a hunt at the dollar store. By the way, I think it is one of my new favorite little finds. Best place to come up with crafts and to think outside of the box. I needed, no wanted, a new 4th of July decoration this year. I wanted it to do double duty though, so here's what I came up with. Some star dishes and bowls. Cute all by themselves, but this is what I came up with...

It's my new table centerpiece and will soon be filled with some candy/treats on each layer. Love it and it only cost me $6. Golly, gee, I just love the dollar store.

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