Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy Weekend with project and sick kiddos!

For awhile now I have been wondering what to do with our poor, old and abused table. This was our very first kitchen table that we received as a wedding gift from Eric's folks over 12 years ago. It has been abused by our adorable little rugrats as you can see in the picture. It has old heat stains on it and is a little beat up. It serves as an overflow table when we have parties, but I always cover it up with a table cloth so no one sees the poor, sad condition it is in. Eventually our current bigger table will be placed in our dining room, because we have outgrown it as well. But until money runeth overeth, that will have to wait. So, I wanted to make our old table new again with the littlest amount spent. So begins my new task of figuring out what and how to do this.
Better shot of the table in the light.
I decided to sand it down and paint the table top to give it more life and add some flair to our dining room. The legs are in great condition so I wanted a two tone look to the table.

This is the table after I sanded it down with my new best friend-a sandpaper gripper tool thingy. I sent Eric to Home Depot with a list of my supplies and he got this for me too. Gotta love the hubby for this. Love ya, babe.
P.S. I can't buy stuff at Home Depot because I don't have an account like Eric, so I had to send him.

Here's what it looked like with the black paint after two coats. Next step I added a protective clear coat on top and VOILA...
Beautiful, new piece of furniture for about $30- due to having to buy a couple of new tools to do the project, paint, and varnish.
Of course, it's not completely finished until I add the decor on top. I must say I'm impressed it turned out so well. The kids all love it and poor, sick Logan kept telling me "nice painting, mom" after each coat was done.
It took a little longer than I wanted due to unforseen adventures in taking care of sick kids, but it's done and I love it!
And this is what I came up with to keep myself busy in between drying times of all the coats of paint.
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake!
I took my basic recipe for my cheesecake and added a chocolate graham cracker crust and 3 kinds of choclate,yep 3 different kinds of chocolate(white, semi-sweet, and milk chocolate chips). It also has a chocolate cocoa infused sour cream topping. I added some cherry pie filling and double chocolate shavings and VOILA , pure decadent HEAVEN!
Eric and I even think it gives the Cheesecake Factory's Godiva chocolate cheesecake a run for it's money. It also is way cheaper to make an entire one. If you want to know the exact recipe let me know, I promise it won't dissappoint(unless you HATE chocolate, as if)!

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