Monday, March 29, 2010

Train Fun!

So Friday we had another family outing and due to the weather we needed something indoors, so we headed for Ogden! Trains here we come! With our Odgen Dinosaur pass we get in to the train museum for free so we thought what better than to take our train-obsessed boys to see big trains! The girls had a blast too as you can see from the grins ear to ear!Love these kiddos!
Logan trying out all the buttons and knobs and in his own world of love for trains!
The girls saw this and immediately wanted to try it out! So fun!
Love that Noah grin! Cheese! We had a blast and I have a ton more pics, but for some reason blogger isn't letting me upload them so if I can I'll post more of them later. We had a blast and eventhough Eric had to work half the day he did it around going up to Ogden so he could have some family fun time too! We love our daddy when he does stuff with us! The kids really enjoyed having him with us, because he's been real busy with work and hasn't been able to do much with the kids on their vacation. We ended the day with Red Robin(I'm beginning to think this is our family restaurant given the kids always want to go there when given the choice)tasty food filling their bellies. The kids can really pack food away when it's something they like. Then headed home and Eric went back to work and the kids and I were beat from the day's activities. Fun was had by all again and they can hardly wait for our next adventure!

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