Friday, March 12, 2010

Enjoying the sweet little things!

the cutest little girl baby ever!
We have started the kids' vacation with four of the six kids sick. So not fun. All of them have been cuddled up with blankets on the couch and sweet Bella has wanted to be held all day. Her poor little chest has been rattling and her nose has been running constantly. She's been sitting on my lap with a blanket on. She then did the cutest thing ever...
She pulled the blanket up over her head and proceeded to play peek-a-boo all on her own!
Can I just say, SO CUTE!
I love seeing her grow and develop more every day. She surprises me more and more. I love being a mom, even when I need to take care of a house full of sick kids on little or no sleep. They are all so worth it!

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