Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My new journey!

I'm going on a new little journey this year and you as readers get to come along for the ride!
I am spending this new year pushing myself to try new things and I'm going to write about them and share them with you so you can try them too or just by proxy. I am trying new things to cook and bake for my family, I am trying my hands at new crafts, I am pushing myself to try and let go!
Have you ever been hurt by someone by something that was said or done? Have you ever misunderstood something that was said and haven't been able to get past it? Have you ever felt worthless or just plain talentless? Have you ever held negative conversations in your head with yourself? Have you ever been hurt by a loved one and just couldn't get past it and been able to just LET IT GO?
Well, I have been all of these things at some point and still some to this day. I have made it a goal to try and just let it all go. I'm tired of having the hurt and pain rule my life and I've decided to try and better myself through a self-discovery journey this year. I have felt like I'm nothing but a mom and that's all I have to offer. Well over the past month I have rediscovered my passions in life and am attempting to push myself further and see what else I can do.
Don't get me wrong, being mom is the MOST wonderful thing ever and what I have wanted my whole life. It has and still is my ultimate dream, but I know that there are some out there who have or do think little else of me and it hurts, but I am here to say I AM MORE! Watch out cause here I come full steam ahead and nothing is gonna stop me from growing and learning and loving everything about ME! I can do and be so much more and this year I'm gonna prove it to myself and to others. So, off I go to DO, BE, AND LIVE my best life!


  1. Reading this post while listening to "I've got a feeling" made me want to just jump up and do something! Go Krystal!

    (Emmy - for some reason it wasn't letting me post with Google)

  2. Good for you! I think one of the things about being a mom that scares me the most is the way it seems to eat your identity.

    What do you have planned? Tell me more.