Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

I just love the holidays! I can do so much with each and every one. We had our traditional Halloween spooky dinner before we left for our tricks and treats. I made bats and guts as our appetizer. The kids really get into my creepy names. Even when my dad asked for something if he didn't call it by its spooky name they didn't pass it to him. Haha, funny kids!
Then we have our bumps on a log with worms. Yummy!!!

Our bone breadsticks, again, those creepy worms kept crawling all over our food.
Edible eyeballs, yummy stuff.
Our table with our annual putrid punch. We actually lucked out and have had this drink twice this year-since Noah wanted it at his b-day party too.

And our main course, mummy pizzas. I like them this way better. They are on sliced french bread, and ooh, were they yummy.

The kittys from the bunch.
Miss A as a penguin. She was so loving her costume. I just can't decide which one I like best out of the four that I made.
Miss B as the cutest lit'l giraffe you ever laid eyes on. She worked this costume during the 3 days of celebrating.
Of course Noah had to be Thomas. He wouldn't let me make him any other costume, so he chose this one that we already had.
Logan decided to bring out his true nature and request a monkey costume. I loved seeing him in it. Too bad I didn't get a close up of his tail. He loved his tail and banana the most. His tail curls around and is furry.
And she's at it again, strike a pose Kaleigh. You go girl. She saw this sweat suit at target and fell in love. So did I, cause making her into a cheetah would be a piece of cake with this outfit. Now she can just wear the sweat suit all winter. Love when costumes do double duty.
Miss Laney Banes as her all-time favorite animal. Can you guess? I hope so, she's an elephant. I had a lot of fun making this one, and again her costume does double duty as well. All the costumes that I made do. They can now wear their outfits throughout winter. I either safety pinned parts or used elastic. All removable parts, love it!
Smiley Noah so happy to be at the girls' school parade.
Just another cute pic of Bella. She's so adorable!
My favorite group picture of the kids being silly right before we headed out into the rainy night. I love them all and as you can probably tell by this picture, they are a funny, fun-loving bunch of kids. Is it any wonder why I love them and being their mommy so much!

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