Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Old McDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-Pumpkins!

Off to the farm we went in search of pumpkins and fall fun. We went to Wheeler Farm and had a fall-filled fun day. We all got to pick a pumpkin, go on a tractor ride, and wander through the corn maze. We fed some ducks too and then we were pooped from all our fun.Noah was done with the whole picture thing, so he gave up.
Logan was having tons of fun feeding all the ducks and geese.
Noah was trying to perfect his throw. He was trying to get his bread away from the geese and give it to the ducks.
Kaleigh wandering through the maze, stopping to strike a pose.
Bella not quite sure of what to think about all the corn in the maze. She starts out having fun because we are out and about, but then when she gets near something she doesn't know about she gets this grumpy look. Funny girl.

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