Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Little Late to the Thankful Party

As I'm sitting here coughing up a storm and watching my voice disappear, it dawns on me that it's the 10th of November and I haven't been posting what I'm thankful for. You see, I had it all in my mind that I would post one thing that I'm thankful for everyday throughout the month. Well, busy mommy taking care of everyone who is sick, I forgot. So better late than never.

Day 1 Time I have with my dad
Day 2 The opportunity to vote and let my voice be heard
Day 3 My girls and the joy on their faces as they rehearse for a play
Day 4 My boys and Bella- being able to play with them all day
Day 5 School and the joy it brings to the kids when they love learning new things
Day 6 The changing seasons, it's miraculous!
Day 7 Daylight Savings Time- love when I get that "extra" hour
Day 8 The changing weather, I love when it's all rainy and I can be cozy with a blanket
Day 9 The hubs and his help with our sick little ones
Day 10 Being sick- It reminds me how I love being well and to try and stay healthy more.
So here's my list so far. I have a lot to be thankful for and reminded to think of all that I have. We all have our challenges and stresses, and although they might not be the same, we all need to remember to count our blessings even during the hard times. It's funny how I forget this so much. I dwell sometimes, okay a lot, on the things that I have lost(or the people) and it brings me so down. I hope to remember a little more at what I DO have and not grumble at what's been lost. I have a great many of blessings to be counting, so I should count them one by one.

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