Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kaleigh is getting Baptized!

So, it's official, we have another child who has turned eight and is getting baptized. We decided to do a little photo shoot before the big day. She was so excited and struck a pose in every shot.
This is right in front of the Jordan River Temple. I just love the flowers here.

Strike a pose! She does this very well.

She wanted one last one by the fountain. She really gets a kick out of photo shoots. She's so cooperative and always ready to pose. We held her baptism yesterday afternoon and all morning she kept asking how much longer. She was so excited to be getting baptized. She counted down the days all this week. It was a great milestone for her and we are very proud of her and her choice to get baptized. She is a wonderful daughter and sister. She brings joy and love into our lives everyday. I take great pride in calling her my daughter. She is our little trickster and clown. She can get the best of even adults, but that's just our little Kaleigh. Not so little anymore, but always a joyful girl! We'll post pictures of her wonderful day at a later time. My wonderful MIL took them for us and we got lots of great ones. We missed family that couldn't be here, but we were thinking of you.

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  1. Congrats, Kaleigh! You look so pretty in your white dress! We're so proud of you!!