Sunday, September 27, 2009

Take me out to the ball game!

So it's that time again, fall sports. This year we decided to let the younger ones finally try their hands at sports. We signed up Logan and Laney for t-ball and they are having a blast so far. It's new for them, they are not use to organized play, but are having a blast at learning how to play on a team.Logan up at bat for the very first time. He's so cute and so old! AAGH!
He was proud of himself when he wacked the ball off the stand. Yay, Logan, now run! He is still learning that part.

This is a picture of his little team. They are so cute!
Laney standing in the field having a blast. She actually has a friend on her team from her primary class. She absolutely loves t-ball.
I kept missing the picture of her at bat, due to I was holding Bella and the camera, but here she is running home. We are enjoying watching these two begin their love of sports and being a part of a team. Alexis and Kaleigh will be doing sports this winter. Kaleigh wanted to do indoor soccer which begins in November and Alexis wants to do basketball again which doesn't begin until December. It's nice just having the two do something right now.

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