Friday, September 18, 2009

Wheeler Farm

We took the kids to Wheeler Farm on Wednesday and had fun looking at some animals and tractors. It was fun to get out in the fresh air during a nice day. The kids wanted to climb on just about every piece of equipment we came upon. Logan was very upset he didn't get to ride on the green tractor, Eric wouldn't let him get up on it so he spent the last half of the afternoon very upset. First pic of the kids as we started the walk around the farm.
Taking a dancing break. Logan is showing me that his feet are dancing. He does this everyday to me. He just loves to move his body anyway he can.

Noah heading over to the cows all by himself. They were calling to him and he thought it was the funniest thing. He giggled and screamed everytime they moo-ed.

Such cute little posers.
We walked over to the goats and they started climbing on stuff in their caged area trying to get out. We had to keep the kids back, because everytime they went near the goats the goats jumped up higher.
Kaleigh loved this stump. It was her stage to be seen by all.
As we were leaving we walked through this grassy area where tons of geese were eating. Eric braved walking through it(he's afraid of geese) because Noah wanted to see all the geese. Some even started walking towards them and the girls. It was a fun afternoon and now the kids are all pumped up to go to the zoo and see more animals. They just love visiting all kinds of animals.

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