Monday, September 21, 2009

Noah's Party

We had a family party on Saturday for Noah and of course it had to be a Cars theme birthday party. Noah was a very excited little 2 year old and had a ton of fun.Noah's cake I made for him.
Lighting the candles getting ready to sing.

Noah just hates to be sung to and put in the spotlight. Funny boy!

The other kids excited for their cake!

Enjoying the cake and ice cream.
Getting presents, all either cars or train related. He loves them both so much! He had a fun party-laughed, ran around wild, and had a ton of fun playing with his new trains and cars. I can't believe how fast time goes by. My baby boy isn't so little anymore. He had his 2 yr. check-up this week too and he weighs 27 lbs. 14 0z. and he is 36 inches tall. He's gonna be a big boy. We just love to make big kids I guess.

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