Friday, September 11, 2009

Utah State Fair

Okay, so we decided to go to the fair and let me tell you, fun was had by all. The kids have never been and yesterday for opening day they ran a special of $2 admission for everyone. We took advantage and my dad joined us. When I was little we always tried to go to the fair, so I wanted to take my bunch and see what they thought. Here's how much fun they had. WARNING: many pictures follow!We started off with the 50 ft. slide and they let us go on it twice for the price of one time. Eric took Noah once and I took him the other time.
They all screamed in glee!

Alexis and Logan hauled down the slide.
We then went and saw a shark show for Kaleigh. It was a tank with nurse sharks and lemon sharks. A guy dived in and danced with the sharks, kissed them, and played the banjo using the shark as the banjo. They had this cage on exhibit for the kids to get into and they just loved it.
Ah, yes Kaleigh is at home with her sharks.
We then went to this hands on activity for the kids called the Little hands on the farm. It was really neat. It showed the kids how stuff gets to the grocery store from the farm. Here it starts with them getting corn to take to feed the cows.
After they put the corn in the feed trough, they get to milk the cow, which they all had a blast doing. Logan thought it was cool and he enjoyed the wet part of it.
The girls all had a turn at it too, even the older ones thought it was pretty cool.
They then got to pick apples out of the orchard and then got seeds to plant in the soil. On the other side they picked out their veggie they grew and placed it in their baskets. They went on to ride the tractor and take their baskets full of their harvests to the sheep area. They combed the sheep and got a piece of wool. They ended in an area where they returned all the harvested items( the grocery) and recieved a dollar to purchase something in their market. The kids got chips, rice krispie treats, and some chose fruit snacks. It was a really cute activity.

After we ate lunch we looked at the livestock. We saw piggies, cows, goats, lambs, chickens, and ducks. We got to see the farmers prepping their animals to be judged. It was cool seeing the animals get ready. We saw a sheep getting shaved, and a cow getting washed and trimmed. We then passed an area where you could ride a pony. Now the kids went bonkers wanting to ride and Eric was a little apprehensive, but my dad paid for the four older kids to ride and they had a blast. Kaleigh loved her horse, Lucky.
We thought for sure Logan would freak out the minute he got on his horse, but he didn't. He had this smile on his face the whole time. Even the oldest child liked the riding time. At first she looked a little timid, but she warmed up to it and got a kick out of it when her horse started "talking".
We ended the day with a couple of rides. The older girls got to choose a fast, high-moving ride which they loved. We really need to take just these two to Lagoon. They'd have a blast.
Laney and Logan chose a helicopter ride. Throughout the whole ride Laney kept flying higher and higher. Logan couldn't quite figure it out, but he enjoyed it a lot.
He picked this green one, because it matches his eyes. They're green you know. He's such a funny kid.
This was a big pumpkin spider sculpture that the girls spotted on our way out. They wanted to take a funny picture with it. Alexis is such a card.
Well fun was had by all and after 4 hours of fun the kids were beat so we made our way home. My dad decided to treat all us hot people to a cool frozen fruit drink, which was much liked by all. We ended our fair day with a yummy fair dinner. I made funnel cakes with powdered sugar and raspberry jam for dipping, bacon, and fruit. The kids all liked it and said they can't wait to go back next year. So much fun was had we will definately be going back next year!

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