Sunday, September 27, 2009

Witchy Weekend!

Noah did NOT want to stop and sit to take a picture.
All the kids wanted to try and hoola hoop just like this witch, well not all the kids(right Alexis).
Laney and Logan dancing on a hay bale. Gardner Village was playing dancin' music and they danced the day away while looking at all the witches.
All the kids taking a little cop-a-squat(rest).
Sitting on a swinging bench down by the water wheel.
The kids thought this witch looked upset.
This was Noah's face almost the whole visit with the witches. The kid just smiles from ear to ear all the time.
Logan loved these witches and he said they were making toothpaste. Eric and I laughed the whole day over that thought.
Logan loved all the pumpkins and wanted a picture with all of them. He's very excited for when we get to go to the pumpkin patch. We had a very fun Saturday morning and even had some bread and cheese from the bakery. After we were done we let the kids pick out a sugar stick from Sweet Afton's and then we went home to take a rest. The kids were beat after running all over Gardner Village.

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