Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yay! I have officially reached 100 posts. Our little family blog has actually turned into my way of journaling and scrapbooking. I find it relaxing and enjoy the fact that I do have a way to keep track of our family events. This year has been quite eventful for us and I have two new loves in my life-our sweet, beautiful Bella and the love of coupons! I know most of you probably don't get my love for coupons, but it has really saved us a lot of money and I'm able to get things that I otherwise wouldn't purchase. So, as a lovely way to show you all how much I just LOVE my wonderful coupons I have decided to give away some of my finds to someone in celebration of my 100 posts. All you have to do is leave a comment, we'll put your name in a hat, and the kids will draw a name. The only requirement is you have to live here in Utah or at least be visiting in the next couple of weeks. Here is what you can win:
I got all these items for free with my coupons and special codes paired with sales.
Glade candle tin(dewberry scent)
glade candle tin refills(ocean blue)
glade holiday candle(peppermint crush)
Bath and Body lotion(winter candy apple)
I just love when I find really good deals and free items. With all the sales going on for Christmas and pairing them with my coupons and some codes for online shopping we have spent only 1/4 of what we usually do for Christmas. This includes buying for extended family as well. I love all of my saving blogs as well. A shout out to my lovely friend Liz who turned me onto them! Happy Holidays and good luck!
P.S. The deadline is December 20th(just so I can put all the names in at once, not that there are that many people who read our blog).


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  2. Pick me! Pick me! Jenny Hansen

  3. Blake said he REALLY wants the body lotion. :) Can he enter too?