Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 11

Our stocking for the day was a planned ACTIVITY. We were set to take dinner over to Eric's grandparents. We were just going to take dinner and let them eat in peace, but the kids really wanted to eat dinner with them. So, as usual we planned a whole evening with them. We took roast, potatoes, carrots, bread with jam, peaches, and made some homemade bon bons. The kids came up with a whole program which included songs, dancing, a comic drawn by Alexis, and a song that Kaleigh wrote all by herself. She sang it all by herself too and choreographed it as well. Such cute kids. We ended the evening with a bunch of pictures(for posterity) to be able to scrapbook. We love our Grandma and Grandpa Colton.All the kids-minus Logan who said he didn't want a picture.
On second thought- he wanted one, but all by himself.
Bella with Grandma Colton. She's not a girl person. Bella prefers the guys holding her.
As you can tell, she wasn't crying or squirming with Grandpa. She was good for the whole night, but after this picture she was ready to go home and be fed and go to sleep. It was a fun night and the kids all hit their pillows and were out like lights! Fun was had by all again!

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