Monday, December 7, 2009

My dream present!

This is the new HP photosmart premium touchsmart web all in one printer. It is so cool. I dream about this printer. It has the ability to print anything right off the web by touching the little screen and print photos off my camera and hook up anywhere in my house-due to the fact that we already have wi-fi going on in our house. Oh, this is my new thing I covet! Oh, I know, thou shalt not covet- but it is the most glorious thing I have laid my eyes on in a long time. It would be a lot more convenient for me too, because I could hook it up downstairs and not have to leave my kids to go and print stuff off and I could even let my kids print their stuff off without having them all in my bedroom(the computer and printer are in our room right now)-so not very convenient. Well that's about it, I just wanted to let you in on my new love. Maybe my lovely husband will think about this for my birthday(5 months away, but we'll hopefully have some extra moola by then), hint hint Honey! Love ya sweetie(yes, he does read my blog consistently)! I hope you all get your dreams fulfilled this Christmas and that special item on your wish list(I already got mine-my lovely baby Bella healthy and happy). Happy Holidays

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